Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lady Grey

As I mentioned yesterday I shot some black and white at the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation - it was Lomography's Lady Grey 400(which is Kodak TMax 400). These shots are from a grouping of old farm implements that were left in the area from a no-longer-existing family farm. The light was really perfect for this kind of thing - these are just a few of the images I made. Old rusty machinery falls into the category of train tracks and old barns, a bit cliche I know, but hey - I like to look at classic black and white photography and I like to shoot classic black and white photography - you really can't be mad at that!
Watching the Wheels
Tractor Study #3
Moving Parts
Working the Field of Dreams farm6
Old Tractor Study #2
I think I'm going to post more of these later.

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