Friday, September 6, 2013

Kalimar TLR 100

Family at the Beach
I remember being thrilled when I found this cool Soviet made Kalimar TLR 100 at the thrift store. It is actually a Lubitel 2 and was made in the Lomo factory in Leningrad - the Kalimar name was put on the export models. I loaded it with a roll of Tri-X not long after purchasing(for 15 bucks) but never shot it - I finally took it out over Labor Day weekend. The view finder is very bright but I can barely tell if things are in focus - I ended up relying more on the scale on the lens and estimated focus. There is no light meter so I used my trusty external meter. I didn't have super high hopes for these shots so I was blown away when I saw how sharp they were - I mean really blown away - not only did I figure I would have missed the focus but I didn't expect the camera lens to be that good anyways(not to mention I nailed exposure on most of the shots). Looks like what I thought was going to be a 'one and done' is going to make it off the shelf fairly often.  
271 Bridge Study
The 271 Bridge - I had to take this photo twice - after the first shot I was looking into the lens of the camera and accidentally fired the shutter a second time. Unfortunately it didn't turn out as a cool double exposure. Beach Double Exposure 
Dreamy double exposure at Headlands Beach State Park. The Deep Lock  Double 
Double exposure at Deep Lock Quarry - I was attempting some abstract type stuff - I liked this one - I didn't post a couple that I thought failed. Beaver Pond 
The Beaver Pond 
The Towpath and Shadows 
The Towpath - a classic black and white, no? The Quarry Double 
Another double exposure at Deep Lock Quarry - I sttod in the same place and shot in two different directions - you can't be mad at that!

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