Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn Arrival

I love fall - I really do. Its my favorite time of year - the colors, flavors, weather, feelings, and smells can't be beat. I love the deep blue fall sky. I can go on and on - and now it is my first chance to really enjoy every thing fall has to offer in years. Still I feel a bit of reservation - I find myself not quite ready to say goodbye to Summer - and even less ready to say hello to what comes after Fall - Winter. I will still make the most of it photographically, though, of course....and here are my first attempts....
Leaves Change
Even poison ivy is pretty this time of year! The Old Canal
The Old Canal
Golden Rod & Log
Golden Rod and Downed Tree Autumn Path
Autumn Path


Mr. Newit said...

The canal shot is wonderful. You can't be mad at that! (You forgot it in your writeup)

Tim Fitzwater said...

Thank you...I guess you can be mad at that!