Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Bend Up Close

Rose of Sharon
I've been a bit under the weather - thus the lack of posting over the weekend. Today I couldn't take it anymore though so I went out for a hike close to home. I walked the section of the Towpath by my house known as Big Bend. The sky was overcast so I planned on taking advantage of the soft, diffuse light to shoot some close-ups of the late-summer blooms. I hope I start feeling better tomorrow so I can get a little further away with more motivation - its crazy - but not shooting for a few days really starts to drive me nuts...
From Above
Looking down into the Canal. Grasshopper on Towpath Study
I came across this little guy - the guy who rode by on his bike probably though the guy laying on the ground(me) with his camera was crazy...Yellow Impatiens

Yellow Impatiens
Orange Impatiens
Orange Impatiens
Japanese Beetle on Goldenrod #1
Japanese Beetle on Goldenrod - just be happy he isn't in your garden! You can't be mad at that!

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