Friday, September 27, 2013

Zeiss in the Park

Beaver Pond Color
I took my Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super BC out for its first roll on a few hikes - at Blue Hen Falls and down to the Towpath - loaded with a roll of Kodak Ultra Max 400. I use this film as my test color film for a camera because it is relatively cheap but still looks decent. The Zeiss has a light meter but the battery compartment on mine is quite corroded so I used an external light meter - besides the meter the camera is fully functional mechanically. All of the cameras controls are on the lens - shutter speed, aperture and focus - which took a bit of getting used to. The focus was super simple and precise with a split-image prism combined with a sharp 50mm lens. I'd like to clean up the battery compartment and shoot the camera again with its own light meter - but everything else seems to be in perfect working condition - those Germans build 'em to last!  
Laura Crosses the Creek
Laura crosses the creek
Old Bridge
The Station Road Bridge Canal Waterer
This is part of the device that controls the watering of the Canal. Obviously
Canal and Flowers
Wild Flowers and the Canal Dead Trees
The Beaver Pond in Morning Light More Reflections
More reflections in the Beaver Pond Bird in Canal Study #3
Great Blue Heron hanging out in the Canal - I wonder to myself when I stumble across a scene like this, "How can you be mad at that?"

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