Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Full Page, Baby!

Me and My Photo
As awful as this cold I have has been, and and much as it has slowed down my photography, there has been one bright spot - I've been able to work my way through a lot of the newspapers that I hadn't gotten to because of my busy summer.  Today I was reading the July 30th edition of the Akron Beacon Journal and when I flipped over the last page of the A-section I saw something cool - the full page ad the Knight Foundation had run using my photograph of the Akron Art Museum.  They had contacted me about a month earlier after finding the image on flickr to see if they could purchase it for this purpose.  Being a fan of their work, the Museum, and getting paid I gladly said yes.  I never saw it in print until today!  
The photograph was originally shot in the landscape format - and I always liked the dramatic effect the wide-angle lens had on the architecture of the building. I thought that was lost in the vertical crop that was used for the advertisement - but hey- that wasn't my call. Akron Art Museum
The original photo I took.  
You can't be mad at that!

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