Saturday, September 28, 2013

Expired in Hidden Valley

Short Line Bridge
I loaded a roll of expired Fuji Pro 160C film in my Pentax K1000 and headed to the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation a few morning ago. I had never hiked the part of the Towpath Trail that runs through this part of the Cleveland Metro Parks - and I had never shot any Pro 160C - both turned out to be beautiful. From what I've read the film is supposed to be a modern color film along the lines of Kodak's Ektar - very sharp, low grain, wide exposure latitude & dynamic range, and very good for scanning - my expired version showed a decidedly green color cast but definitely hit on the dynamic range and low grain marks. 
The part of the Canal Reservation I hiked is known as Hidden Valley - the area runs under a huge train bridge, has many historical signs, and the canal is watered. I found it to be educational and scenic - it was hard for me to choose a spot to turn around at - I kept going and going. I definitely will return to the area - I also shot a roll of black and white here which I will be posting soon.
The Towpath in Cleveland
Cleveland's part of the Towpath - a little different. Train Crossing Bridge #2
Train seemed to pass over this bridge about every ten minutes. Short Line from Below
The bridge from below.
Fall Sky on Film
The Big Blue Fall Sky! I love it! Lines 7
Lines on the Path
The path winds through some old industrial part of Cleveland - many of them still active. They had a restored steel forge machine by the side of the trail - this is the logo from said forge. Shadows
I finished my roll on a hike with Laura at Cascade - these are our shadows on the sled riding hill. Laura @ Oxbow
Laura blows a dandelion - so cute that you can't be mad at that!

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