Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New York on Film

Contrasty Ithaca, New York
Here are 13 photographs from a roll of Arista Premium 400(Kodak Tri-X) I shot on out road trip through New York State. I developed them in my standard Kodak HC-110 dillution B for 6 minutes. I thought these came out really well. I love the crazy contrast in the above shot of Ithaca. At this point in time I'm happier shooting Tri-X in my Minolta X-700 than any other combo(including digital) - not that I'm going to quit experimenting with other cameras, films, or lenses anytime soon - its just that the Minolta will almost always be in my bag too.
Kodak on Kodak
Kodak on Kodak - you have too, right? High Falls - Rochester, NY
High Falls Area of Rochester - this would photo work in color too - just not as well! Grounds of the George Eastman House
The grounds of the George Eastman House from his mother's room. Eastman's Elephant
George's Elephant - many people on the tour were shooting photos - but I was the only one doing it on Kodak film. chumps.
Camp Coffee
Probably the most important piece of camping gear I own! Watkins Glen State Park Camping Breakfast Scraps
Breakfast Scraps - eggs & peppers in an iron skillet. Laura @ Taughannock State Park
Laura at the top of the trail at Taughannock State Park Above Taughannock Falls
From the top of Taughannock Falls - notice the people on the observation deck below for a sense of scale - click the image to see a bigger version on flickr. Taughannock State Park
Looking towards Cayuga Lake Taughannock Falls
Taughannock Falls
Steps @ Taughannock State Park
Steps - all the trails we hiked had a rustic feel - even the more crowded ones. Track-ho in Ithaca
Track-ho in Ithaca - god, what's not to love about Tri-X developed in HC-110 - you can't be mad at that!

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