Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Portra 400

O'Neil Barn
Last week I took 'the Beast', Fuji GSW690II, out for a few hikes loaded with Kodak's new version of Portra 400. Portra is supposed to be a great portrait film(thus the name) - its colors are very natural and realistic. It works for other applications too obviously - like these landscapes. My favorite Kodak color film is Ektar 100, which has much more saturated colors, but ISO 100 isn't always practical. Portra is also made in an ISO 800 flavor which I have yet to try. As for the Fuji - its an interesting camera to shoot - I used my external light meter and took my time. The focusing isn't the easiest and that is why I would like to acquire a medium format SLR - but I do love the giant 6x9 format of the Fuji. Even my lowly flatbed scanner brings these to near the quality of digital. I have one more roll of 120mm Porta and I would like to shoot actual portraits with it,  but the lens is so wide it might not really work well - I'll have to think of something.
Barn Door Study #6
Barn Door Study
Turnpike Bridge on Film
I took a similar photo with my 7D - which i guess you could use as a comparison - but I'm not sure what the criteria would be. I could easily manipulate the film image to bring out the greens and more saturation as I did with the digital image. But why compare - I love them like parents love their kids - each is unique and special in its own way! How sappy! Tears in my eyes! You can't be mad at that!
Is anyone reading this anyways?  ; )

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