Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Langes Study - Autumn

Autumn Gold
I seem to have made a study of the seasonal changes at the Langes Run Bridle Trail off the Wetmore Trailhead since last Spring. When the snow flies my cycle will be complete - I'll have to do a retrospective post I guess. There is just something about this part of the Cuyahoga Valley that I love  - the old barns, the drops and climbs, the varied kind of trees, ponds, overlooks, wildlife and the fact that I've never passed another living sole while hiking here. This evening's hike was a short one, but long on beauty - as evidenced by these photos. Should I say that I love Fall again? - yeah why not.
I added some gradient filters in Camera Raw to a couple of these photos - darkened the skies and lightened the foregrounds - its a perfect effect for these shots....and it saves me having to go buy expensive gradient filters for my large lens. I'm not lazy - just cheap.  I wish camera manufacturers were putting most of their resources into improving dynamic range of their sensors - they still can't touch good old film on that front(without lotsa Photoshop tweaking anyways).   
Fall Road
The light through the trees as they are starting to change...ah. Goats through Trees 1
Goats - I forgot to mention, there are goats. Big Blue
The Big Blue Fall Sky!!
Fields of Gold 12
Autumn Gold(en Rod) - I mean - you can't be mad at that!

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