Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day at the Beach

Searching for Beach Glass
My whole family has somehow become beach glass fanatics. Beach glass, or sea glass, is glass that is smoothed and tumbled by water and it has a whole culture of collectors(different colors are rarer and certain shapes and sizes are more desirable I learned). Everyone decided to go up to Headlands Beach State Park to do some hunting on Labor Day and I tagged along. Since I've spent hours in the Cuyahoga Valley, head down, searching for arrow heads and flint I can understand the allure and addiction of the beach glass thing - plus its hard to argue with any hobby that takes place on a beach. Anyways - it was a fun day with the family and the first Labor Day I've been able to enjoy without heavily laboring in years(because of my old job) - not to mention I found a much-coveted piece of red beach glass.
I used this board and branch to create a little see-saw - my niece enjoyed being launched into the air. Headlands Beach State Park
The lighthouse at Headlands Beach State Park. Beach Tee Pee
Beach Tee Pee with Tanner and Ryen

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