Wednesday, June 5, 2013

GSW690II Part II

To Hale
I like that title - really gets to the heart of the matter. Anyways - I shot my second roll of film(first roll here) through the Fuji GSW690III - this time I used Kodak T-Max 100. I didn't notice a giant difference between the Fuji Acros I used last time and the T-Max I used this time. I shot half the roll in Barberton and finished the roll this morning at Indigo Lake. As I said last time, I really like the way this camera makes you slow down and really consider what you are doing - I have to check my hand held light meter, really make sure I've focused right(different kind of focusing than the SLRs I usually use), and really make sure I want the shot knowing I only have 8 exposures on fairly expensive film(not to mention the time involved in developing). I developed this roll for 7 minutes - 30 seconds longer than the last time I developed a roll of T-Max - I think that I had slightly better results with the longer time. 
I'm already halfway through a roll of Fuji Velvia 50 in the camera - I'll post those soon...
Diamond Match
These building were part of the Diamond Match Co. that Barberton founder O.C. Barber owned. As any regular reader of my blog knows I can't resist shooting a set of train tracks. There is just something about all the white in this photo being offset by the shadows in the tracks and trees - right? Layers
The layers in this little church screamed "Take a black and white photo of me!" Sway @ Indigo
I think I've taken this same photo many times with different cameras around the Valley. Self-plagiarism? Oh well.
  Indigo Lake
"Indigo Lake" -talk about photo I've taken before.... Keep Off
I guess this sign is in case The Resurrection happens in Barberton - the don't want Jesus walking on Lake Anna.
Barberton - or Almost Anywhere in the Midwest
I took this photo in Barberton - but it could be in almost any city in the Midwest. :( Wall Layers II
This wall had all the tones. Black and White Photography, maaaaan.

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