Monday, June 10, 2013

Valley Sunset

Valley Sunset IV
It rained almost all day today and I had no intention of going outside to shoot any photos....but then I found myself driving home and the Sun emerging from behind the clouds. I had already decided which chores I was about to get into as I approached my street - but I didn't turn South, I turned North and headed into the Valley. I went to the closest parking lot(Bath Road) I could get to knowing there wasn't much time before the Sun dropped behind the wall of the valley. I walked around the train tracks and Towpath Trail for about an hour catching every last bit of Sun I could...
Tracks and Shadows
Close Up - Long Shadow ....the kind of shot you can only get late in the day or early in the morning... Deer in Sun
The deer seem to be following me lately. I took a bunch of shots of this deer looking directly at me but unfortunately its face was in the shadows - when I heard a noise and looked down the tracks I noticed the deer looked there too and its face was in the Sun. So I readied my camera and looked down the tracks again - sure enough so did the deer - and I snapped my shot. Weeds #78
'Weeds in Late Day Sun Study #27' Weeds #77
Wild Flower/Weeds
I have a few more photo from tonight I will probably post tomorrow but I'm just to tired to do more editing now...

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