Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Valley Ruins

I went out for another hike on The Langes Run Bridle Trail today - I was thinking of going somewhere new but I wanted to see how much the foliage had changed since the last time I was here. Everything is so overwhelmingly green now! It becomes harder this time of year to hunt for my beloved "Ruins of the Valley" - but I did end up following an old driveway down a hill to a former house. I try so hard to imagine what these places would have looked like when they were lived in but its not easy - what is amazing to me is some of these places aren't even that old. You can tell by the building materials and trash left around that someone could have been living here less than 50 years ago - now its just weeds and bricks(and the oven - the ovens are always still there!).
More Valley Ruins
Steps to Nowhere
Bricks in the Woods
The Bricks
Red-Winged Black Bird in Flight
Blackbird in Flight - I stood here for about 15 minutes as the bird kept flying over me - I finally got this shot. Daisy on Green
I can't resist the wild daisies - I really like the green blurred background here. Silver Maple
Some people don't like silver maples - I do.

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