Saturday, June 22, 2013

Six-20 Day

Thursday was a day that some of us camera nerds celebrated - that date was 6/20 or 620 - we celebrated it as Six 20 Day as in Six-20 film. Six-20 film is no longer made but a whole group of us from flickr went out and shot our Six-20 cameras with 120 film. I re-spooled my 120 onto Six-20 spools and use my Kodak Brownie Target Six-20. I shot my film(Ilford Delta 100) Downtown Akron at the magic hour. My only problem was that the light was so great I kept pulling out my Pentax K1000 that I had loaded with color film(Kodak Elite Chrome) - I had to force myself to focus on the task at hand - black and white compositions with the 1940s Kodak. It wasn't easy - rarely is amazing light a problem for a photographer....
Parking Deck Roof
On the roof of the high street parking deck.
Downtown at Dusk - Akron Art Museum
'Downtown at Duck' was going on at the Akron Art Museum Akron Art Museum
Akron Art Museum - my camera has a slow shutter speed(about 1/50 sec.) and I obviously didn't hold it still enough during this shot.
  Old Carnegie Library
The old Carnegie Library
Steel Wheels
'Steel Wheels' - Quaker Square

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