Monday, June 3, 2013

Climbers 2013

Every Rose...
I love the roses that grow on the side of my house - I've been cultivating them for years now and they do better every year. 
One thing I've never been quite sure how to take care of is this amount of brightness and color in digital photos. If you were to look at this image full size you would see that the rose is over-saturated to the point of losing detail - but if I tone down the saturation the colors of the rose don't stand out the way they should. This only happens with colors toward the red end of the spectrum. I've never printed a photo with this kind of blown saturation so I'm not sure if it is just the limited colors of a computer monitor or if it would be blown out in print too. I think I should get this one printed to find out - and maybe do a little reading to see how to better handle this kind of photo.
The Climbers
The Full Spread

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