Friday, June 21, 2013

Kentmere on Catawba

Dock on Catawba IV
I developed my first roll of Kentmere 400 today. I had a hard time trying to find a reliable source for the development time with my chemical of choice - HC-110(b) - so I dug into some of the online forums. Much of what I saw seemed ridiculously long to me - many suggested 8 minutes - I've developed 5 different 400 speed films in HC-110 and none longer than 6.30. I finally found a guy with sample photos who said that he did 5 minutes but that his photos could be a bit more contrasty - so I went with 5.30 - and it worked perfectly. The negatives looked to have the same density as my Tri-X or HP5. A lot of people said that the problem with this film is that it had less contrast than other 400 speed black and white films but I didn't find that - the grain didn't seem that bad either. Granted, I'll have a better comparison when I start printing - but so far I think this is a great film for the money.
Gem Beach B&W
Gem Beach on Catawba Island Laura and My Shadow
Laura on Gem Beach
Dead Fish Study
Dead Fish Study
Chair on Porch #1
I've joined the Modernist Movement from 80 years ago... Gem Beach Light and Shadows
Beach Texture from late day sun... Dock on Catawba
Marina Morning

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