Sunday, June 16, 2013


Miller Ferry
Laura and I decided to go for a bike ride on Catawba Saturday afternoon - we passed the docks for the Miller Ferry and after a little discussion("there is a brewery on Put-in-Bay") we were sailing to the island. Laura had never been to Middle Bass Island and Put-in-Bay and I had not been there since I was a kid. I was well aware that Put-in-Bay has a party-town atmosphere but I didn't realize everyone was going to crack beers the moment the ferry departed(cuz, ya know, you can't wait 15 minutes to get to the island). When we arrived we cruised on our bikes towards town, stopping and Perry's Monument and riding the 'main strip'. We found our way to Put-In-Bay Brewing Company which was a really cool place - an old fire station - and had a few of their beers(which were unique but hit or miss). On a tip from the bartender we went to get some food(and more drinks) and Wharfside("walk through the tackle shop, it will seem weird, to the bar on the water at the back"). A delicious, local perch sandwich and a couple drinks at this really cool bar and we were on our way. Thinking that no trip to Put-in-Bay could be complete with out a drink at the "World's Longest Bar" we stopped in the Beer Barrel Saloon. A few photos around the park and Laura said - "we start heading back to the Ferry or we're sleeping here"...back on the bikes, back on the ferry, back to Catawba to wrap up the day with a campfire...
Miller Ferry II
A nostalgic ferry ride
Laura is cracking up because the two drunk guys next to her just gave her bunny ears - I missed the shot though.
Laura on the Ferry
The upper deck of the Miller Ferry Put-in-Bay Brewing
I believe this was the Watermelon-Wheat beer - surprisingly not too bad - at Put-in-Bay Brewing Company. Laura
Put-In-Bay Brewing
Wharfside - this was a great little place with friendly bartenders and locals. Laura and the Canon
My parents have a great photo of my brother, sister and I sitting on this canon as kids - my brother replicated it with his kids a few years ago. I had to get one of Laura here - we were going to have her sit on it then we realized that could be kinda weird! Lotioning Up
Lotioning Up on the steps of Perry's Monument Bicycle!

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