Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kodak UltraMax 400

David Bay Leaf 3
I took my simple Nikon L35AF with me to the David Bay Leaf show at Annabell's a few weeks ago. I finished a roll I had been working on and then started a new one. That second roll made it a few places - Barberton, Indigo Lake, The Matinee, Wallhaven.... Both rolls were Ultramax 400 which is  Kodak's standard consumer color negative film(I believe its the same as Kodacolor and Gold). For only costing about 2 bucks a roll I'm always happy with this film - the colors are fairly natural and nicely saturated. I shot it with flash, in the sun, in the clouds, and at various times of day and it performs well under all those conditions. Its a good film for testing out new(old) cameras too.
Indigo Morning
Wallhaven Evening
Barberton Afternoon
Wes Night
Busson Day
Handsome Joe
David Bay Leaf 1
Robbie - David Bay Leaf

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