Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Expired Neopan

I must have been asleep at the wheel because a few weeks ago I found myself without any fresh black and white film - and I always like to have a roll in my Minolta X-700. So I searched my "film vault" and found a roll of expired Fuji Neopan that I had bought at an estate sale. It became one of my infamous "well-traveled" rolls as I shot it over about three weeks. I pushed the development time by about thirty seconds to hopefully make up for any speed lost by the roll being expired. I don't think it lost too much though because it came out fairly contrasty.  I scanned the roll in "color" which gives it this sepia look(as opposed to true monochrome). 
Anyways - now I'm working on my first roll of 'Kentmere 400' - a inexpensive film made by Ilford - I'll be interested to see how that turns out(hopefully good - I have 4 rolls of it).
Boats and Drinks
A boat passes - from the deck at Pickle Bill's. Right Cemetery Light
Great Light - at Glendale Cemetery Akron Through Museum
I shot this photo of Akron from inside the Akron Art Museum when we went to see the Danny Lyon exhibit. Laura @ Nano Brew
Laura at Nano Brew Cleveland - where this roll began. Great Lakes Beer Cellar
Long exposure in the Beer Cellar at Great Lakes Brewing Company. Thirsty Dog Signage
'Signage' - in the Thirsty Dog Tasting Room Thirsty Dog Tasting Room
Thirsty Dog Tasting Room Cemetery Hill
From the Glendale Cemetery

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