Monday, June 24, 2013

South Main on Kentmere

Clothes Shoes
I'm not to sure what is going on in the above photo - is the donation box full or did someone break into it to try and get the "good" stuff? Also - how often do you see a payphone anymore. Anyways - these are some more shots from the roll of Kentmere 400 that I had in Catawba. I've shot in this area, South Main Street in Akron, a few times and I always find something cool. I have some color photos from that morning at the lab now(patiently waiting - they only develop E6(slides) once a week in the Summer). As I said before I'm pretty happy with this Kentmere film - definitely a good bargain. I have the previously mentioned Arista 400 in my X-700 now and I can't wait to compare these similarly priced films.
Wall Contrast Study #5
'Wall Study' - the right morning light can make anything look interesting. Catholic Worker
'Catholic Worker' - there is just something about this shot - a classic black and white I guess. Community Garden
'Community Garden' - interesting spot for this, eh? Track in Light XXII
This photo was taken in the Valley - a few of the early shots on this roll had weird marks like this does on the bottom - I don't think I had it in the development reel quite right.

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