Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back in Ohio City

I had to drop off the photos from the job I did for the Cleveland Brew Shop on Saturday so Laura and I decided to make an afternoon/evening out of it. On multiple recommendations we ate at The Tremont Taphouse(above photo). They had a great patio, amazing beer selection and outstanding food. Definitely a place we would go back to. After that we hit all the usuals in Ohio City - Great Lakes, Nano Brew, and Market Garden. We also popped our heads into The Bier Market and the Speakeasy.
This guy sang us a hilarious song and we tipped him a few bucks - @Great Lakes Brewing Company. Spirits!
At Market Garden Brewery - this is how we usually feel when we leave here. Stout
A stout on the Patio at Nano Brew Cleveland. Laura
On the patio at Great Lakes - Laura and I rarely consider Summer destinations that don't have outdoor seating.
  Market Garden Brewery Beer
One of the best beers of the night - Market Garden's Citramax - this photo was a 10 second exposure.

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