Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Instagram - The Hard Way

Downtown at Dusk II
Step by Step.
1.  Find old box camera at an estate sale.
2.  Order ISO 100 120mm film
3.  Respool 120mm film onto antique 620 spool in complete darkness
4.  Load respooled film into old camera(1940s Kodak Target Six-20 in this case)
5.  Shoot camera on day with plenty of sun
6.  Remove film from camera and load onto development spool in complete darkness
7.  Develop film using black and white chemicals
8.  Hang dry film for 4 or 5 hours
9.  Scan film with scanner
10. Open image in Photoshop
11. Add tilt-shift blur and make adjustments
12. Add color gradient and then adjust levels
13. Upload image to Flickr.com
14. Post on blog
15. Share blog on Facebook

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