Thursday, July 31, 2014

Finding Vivian Maier

John Maloof Tonight Rick and I went to The Palace Theater in Canton to see the documentary 'Finding Vivian Maier' - which tells the story of John Maloof finding and bringing to the public eye the photographic work of a Chicago nanny. I've read the criticisms of John, the documentary, and Vivian's work - I'm an unabashed fan of Vivian Maier's photos, thought the movie absolutely fascinating, and thank Mr. Maloof for doing so much to bring the collection to prominence. The research for the film was exhaustive and even though the gist is how mysterious of a woman she was, I was surprised by how much we actually do know now. John(pictured above) held a Q&A after the showing. 
There is also an exhibit of Vivian Maier's photos at the Joseph Saxton Gallery that opened last night - I will have to return to see it. I'm one of the people who believes her stuff stands with the Franks, Erwitts, Winogrands(insert name of your favorite street photographer here) - it blows me away - I love it. Street photography is definitely not my strong suit - which is probably why I like it so much... If you have any interest in photography, photographers, or great stories I would highly recommend checking out the film if you get the chance.

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The Palace Theater
I was very impressed with the historic Palace Theater - I was expecting a 'Highland' but it was much closer to a 'Civic'. Seeing the building itself was worth the trip to Canton.
Lobby 'Lobby Long Exposure' George's Lounge What trip to Canton is complete without a quick beer at George's Lounge? A historic building in its own right! Studio I'll throw this one in - just a font I liked.

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