Thursday, July 10, 2014

Morning Prayer

Sunrise at Kendall Hill Yesterday morning I knew I had a lot of work to get to and I was early to rise - but when I saw that it was fairly clear out I decided to take an hour for myself. I drove to Kendall Hill knowing that the black-eyed susans should be in bloom and that the sun would be rising over the misty hills. I felt a little bit guilty until I got there - and was again amazed by the Valley's beauty. Some people go to church or a temple to unwind or recharge or to reconnect to a higher power - everyone has their own reason I guess. My temple is The Valley and my prayer or meditation is a camera in my hand at sunrise.

I needed to be there yesterday morning - and I'm sure I did better work all day because of it.

Black Eyed-Susans Yes - I've taken similar photos to all of these before. I take these mostly for my own enjoyment - obviously I like it when people check them out - but outdoing myself and having a good hike are my number one goals... Kendall Lake Patterns 'Kendall Lake Patterns'
Susans in Shade
'Black Eyed-Susans in Shade' Black Eyed-Susan Study #7 'Close-Up Susan Study' Standing Out in the Crowd 'Standing Out in the Crowd' Second Hill 'Second Hill' Daisies Too 'More of This' Sunrise at Kendall Hill II - Another sunrise over the hills shot - couldn't decide if I like this or the one at the top of the post better. So you get both.

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