Thursday, July 17, 2014

Downtown @ Dusk

Downtown @ Dusk
I hadn't been to a Downtown @ Dusk at the Akron Art Museum for a long time - tonight's weather was perfect so I decided to head down.   It was also the opening of 'Working Artist' - a show featuring works by museum staff members.  All of the stuff was pretty good but I was partial to a silver gelatin photograph taken from the High Line in NYC by Arnold Tunstall. Analog black and white print, New York City - you know - right up my alley. There were a couple pop-artish screen prints(I think) I liked too - I should really take notes at these things so I can remember the artist's names and piece titles - oh well - just go see it.
After viewing the art I chatted with a couple friends and then bought a Thirsty Dog beer and sat out in the grass watching 'Zach' - a local band/guy/music thing. Zach isn't really my cup of tea and the light outside was really great - so I strolled through downtown and shot a roll of Tri-X. I snapped a few with my Canon 6D too - and here they are.

The Ball 'Sitting Under The Ball' The Museum 'Another Museum View' The Street 'Intersection' - My shadow was in this photo(I shot it with a 35mm lens) which I liked at the time - but decided to clone out when I saw it on my monitor.
Quaker Square
'Light on Quaker'
Akron Sunset
You can never have to many sunset photos of Downtown Akron, right?

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Tim Fitzwater said...

by the way - I'm really glad they moved the concerts from the parking lot to the area in the top photo. Its a huge improvement.....although nothing will ever top the old location in the sculpture garden from before the addition was built. I loved it out there...