Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Burning River Fest

Laura on the Pier Laura and I attended our second Burning River Fest on Saturday night - which takes place on Whiskey Island and at the Historic Coast Guard Station. The Fest benefits the Burning River Foundation - an environmental group focused on freshwater resources - that was started by Great Lakes Brewing. There is music, arts, education and Great Lakes Beer at one of the coolest spots in Cleveland. The weather wasn't nearly as ideal as last year but the views of the city as day turns to night are still worth the price of admission...

On the River 'River Mouth Selfie' Kite Kite Flyers' Beers in the Tent A pretty heavy storm rolled through for about 45 minutes - so we drank beer under the Meadow Tent. Party Sweat 'Party Sweat' - keeping everyone entertained during the storm.
Party Sweat II
Some pretty badass soul music...
The Meadow 'Meadow from a Hill' Laura and Bridge Looking the other way. River Lighting They light these barrels on fire to commemorate the '68 burning of the river. Cart Ride 'Cart Riders' - looking at me. Old Coast Guard Station 'Historic Coast Guard Station' - the second stage and more food out here. Laura @ the Old Coast Guard Station 'Laura at the Station' Cart Ride II
I just like this shot.
Jack and the Bear
'Jack and the Bear' - still loving my Sigma 3mm f/1.4 Jack and the Bear 'Jack and the Bear' - @85mm - we caught this band last year too - they are a lot of fun. Jack and the Bear My best shot. Jack and the Bear 'Funny Face' Wet Night 'Laura in Pancho' Chillin' 'End of the Night Chillin'

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