Monday, July 28, 2014

Hocking Hills in Glorious Color

Hocking Hills
I finally remembered to get a roll of 120mm film that I shot in Hocking Hills last Spring developed. Those of you that hang on my every word will remember that my Canon 7D died just a few hours into our trip - so almost all the photos I took were shot in monochrome on Tri-X. I did, however, shoot this one roll of color film - Kodak Portra 400 - in the Fuji 690GSWIII(which makes awesome 6x9 shots - but only 8).

As a side note - my regular lab was closed for Summer vacation(I don't develop my own color(yet?)) so I went to Halamay Color Lab - a lab that has been around Akron forever. When I picked up my film the owner came out to speak with me. He wanted to let me know that when their chemistry expires they would no longer be developing film. He was super cool - discussed my film with me - exposure, color and all that. Too bad I hadn't checked them out earlier. Another one bites the dust. Hocking Hills "Green on Rock" Hocking Hills 'Laura on Bridge" Hocking Hills 'Looks Like The Ledges I'
Hocking Hills
'Looking Down - Pointing Up'

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