Sunday, July 13, 2014

Italian-American Festival

Downtown On Friday evening I had nothing going so I decided to head downtown and take in the Italian-Fest. I was impressed that there was more than just the typical "fair vendors" - there were local businesses and groups represented too. In other words - there was actual food being cooked and things being baked.
No matter what - I still enjoy seeing Downtown Akron packed full of people - and I enjoy the randomness of the crowd. ...and there was still some electricity in the air from the LeBron Return....

Pizza! Pizza! Elephant Ears Elephant Ears - I just realized I wrote about the local fair and than only shot photos of the typical festival stands. Lock 3 There was an Aerosmith cover band playing at Lock 3 - I didn't spend too much time with that. Baked 'The Baked Goods' All the stuff they were making here looked delicious - I was trying to watch my girlish figure though so I didn't indulge in any. Sweet Corn 'The Corn Guy' - I know a thing or to about roasting some corn... Eats 'Food on Top of Food'
I watched a cover band play on the Main Street Stage for a little while. Yes, they played 'Brown Eyed Girl'. Italian Cooking 'Italian Sausage' - I snapped a photo of this guy and so he turned to me and smiled through the smoke - so I shot this second photo. The Grill 'Grill Master' Lock 3 'Lock 3'
'Old Fashioned Sodas'
Downtown Evening 'Night Time'

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