Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Langes Run, Finally

Spotty Light
I went for a hike at one of my favorite trails, Langes Run, for the first time since last Winter. The trail was closed for a while due to the early May flood. It really bummed me out because there is a certain part of the trail that is pretty amazing in Spring. Last year I was there on a day when flower blossoms from the apple and crabapple trees were blowing in the breeze and their scent in the air was amazing. Anyways - I'm glad the trail has reopened - and I'll be picking some blackberries there soon - and some apples in early fall...

Red Roses for Me 'Climbing Roses - Old Fence' Weedy Bokeh 'Weedy Bokeh' Red Blackberries 'Soon Enough'

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