Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Laura and I got around yesterday. We started at Hartville Flea Market, took a country drive, had lunch with friends, worked in the yard, went to her sister's birthday party and then split - she saw some fireworks and I went to a fire at my parents'. I captured it all with my Canon 6D and new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 - which is an awesome lens.
Check out my "Fourth in Fotos"!

Not sure why we didn't buy this - whatever the price was.
Letters "Letters" @ Hartville Hippie Donuts Everyone was raving about these donuts - we had already eaten from our favorite cookie stand. Tractors This farm had an awesome collections of antique, restored tractors. Every kind you could think of - this photo is just a tiny slice. A couple of farm dogs made sure you kept your distance, though. Laura and Emma "Laura and Emma" at Hartville. Candle Lighting Laura lighting Kelly's candles. Fourth Birthday "Fourth Birthday" Gabe Gabe - illuminated by candles. Blowin' "Blowing" Laura and Gary "Laura, Sangria, and Gary" S'mores "Marshmallow Roasting" - Dad and Amy. Family "Family"
Ghost Kids "Ghost Kids" = Ryen and Tanner Sparklers Sparklers - I love how the sparks can be seen bouncing off the pavement. Upsidedown Firework Dad accidentally set this one off upside down - still made for a cool photo. Streaks What taking photos on Independence Day is all about....

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