Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Six-20 Day 2014

Defend What You Love This year on Six-20 Day(June 20th) I took out a Brownie Flash Six-20 which I had never used before. I respooled Kodak TMax 100 onto 620 film spools(620 film is no longer made but it is the same as 120mm - the spool size is the only difference). This was my second Six-20 Day and both times I used cameras that I had never used before and with success. This year I already had a photo-shoot scheduled so I took my little box camera with me. The Flash Six-20 is similar control-wise to most Brownie box cameras - a lever for "instant" shots or "b" for long exposures and a second lever for focus "5 - 10 feet" or "beyond 10 feet" focus. This camera is better made than most of my other Brownies(metal not cardboard(or plastic)) and its shutter mechanism feels much more solid. The photos look pretty similar though - a little dreamy with corner vignetting and blur if not held very still. This camera model was made from 1946 - 1955 and was a little bit expensive for a post-war Brownie.
Its been a busy month and thus the delay in getting this roll developed - which was done in Kodak HC-110(b). 
Last year's Six 20 Day post can be found here

Feed My Sheep "Feed My Sheep" Food Truck Friday "Food Truck Friday" - at Child Guidance and Family Solutions - this was the event I was shooting. Friends "Friends" Young Corn @ Szalay's "Young Corn" - down by Szalay's later that evening. Retro Dog "Retro Dog"
I hope to shoot more film before the Summer fades - its just been hard to put down my newish Canon 6D and prime lenses - it is truly a great camera and a joy to use....

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