Saturday, July 26, 2014

Redder Than Red Pt.1

I tried out a new kind of film with a new to me, old to the world camera over the past few weeks. The camera was a Miranda Automex III that was made in 1965 - it has a selenium meter but I didn't have the right kind of battery so I used an external meter. The film was Rollei Redbird(400 ISO) - which is C41 film that is rolled backwards so you shoot through the base. This gives the images a diffused look and the decidedly red tone. I tried various exposures and shot it in multiple locations - it seems to be more red(and look better) when under-exposed. Its not something that I will shoot very often - but its fun for the vintage, Instagram-y, old filmy look....

Laura an Couch "Laura and Couch" - the yellow/orange here is pretty cool. Old Skool "Old Skool" - all washed out. Tables and Umbrellas "From The Rail" - this seems about the perfect exposure. Woods and Sun "Woods and Sun" Flowers "Flowers and Grain" Laura @ The Rail "Redder than Red" - probably not the best film for tight portraits! I do look the look of this 50mm Soligar f/1.9 lens though. Andrew Exploring My Light Meter My nephew Andrew was super intrigued by my vintage light meter - he didn't want to give it up. X-ing "RR Crossing"

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