Saturday, August 2, 2014

Half Cleveland & The Bizarros

Half Cleveland Being that I've somehow never see Akron legends The Bizarros I figured I should get myself to Musica last night - but that was only half the reason - the other half was 'Half Cleveland' a kind of Akron supergroup consisting of Harvey Gold(Tin Huey), Chris Butler(The Waitresses), Bob Ethington(Unit 5) and Deborah Smith Cahan(Chi-Pig). 
The Facebook event page said the show started at 8 so I figured 8:30 would be a reasonable time to show up(I was going alone and didn't want to stand around for an hour) - of course, the show started promptly at 8pm - which might be a first in small venue music history. So unfortunately I missed a bit of The Bizarros set - I still got a couple of decent photos though. Half Cleveland was great - they opened with The Replacements, played some Tin Huey songs and a few of Chris's new stuff  - among other things and closed with a Television cover - you can't be mad at that. 

Half Cleveland
As I've said before - Musica has never been my favorite venue for shooting photos - thankfully my Canon 6D makes it possible to take pretty nice shots without use of the flash. Last night the (older) crowd wouldn't move onto the floor in front of the stage(what we used to call the 'F-You Horseshoe) - so when I wanted to shoot I had to step out into the open in front of everyone- so I didn't want to be annoying by standing there and experimenting with blending flash.
Half Cleveland Harvey and Chris
Half Cleveland
Singing and Playing
Half Cleveland Chris
Half Cleveland
Deborah Smith Cahan
Half Cleveland Half Cleveland Half Cleveland w/ guests Half Cleveland 'Different Angle' Half Cleveland Bob Ethington
Half Cleveland
More Deborah
Half Cleveland jamming Half Cleveland The Bizarros The Bizarros
The Bizarros
More Bizarros
The Bizarros
and we'll end with some Bizarros... I have some more shots that I'll add to facebook later in the weekend...


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Great photos Tim. Thanks so much for making the effort!

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super shots!

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