Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tale of Two Cities

Akron 3
It was a beautiful evening as I climbed a parking deck I had never been atop before. I reached in my bag and grabbed my Canon 6D and snapped, what I would describe as, pretty pictures of my city. But the pleasant, early, evening light and colors didn't hold my attention for long. I walked to the other side of the deck and quickly pulled out my Pentax K1000 loaded with black and white film. I looked down at our misadvised interbelt and the curves of the overpasses and started snapping away. I could already see the gritty scans in my mind. I pointed the camera back towards the city but this time with the parking deck in the frame and my red filter firmly in place - contrasty buildings and clouds. Akron - I guess its the way I always see it - clean and dirty at the same time, risen and felled, rebuilded and deconstructed.....
I shot more film than color - not sure why. I'll have the other "view" tomorrow.

Akron 2 Someone else can write the analogy of the fancy facade vs. the utilitarian brick side of this building... Akron 1 "Akron Study #435"

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