Sunday, August 10, 2014

Canal Park Birthday

Canal Park Laura took me out to a dinner at The Game Bar and Grille and then to The RubberDucks game for my birthday. It was Bernie Kosar bobblehead night, the Ducks wore Browns uniforms, and the night ended with Bon Jovi fireworks - so pretty much perfect. Unfortunately I was the first person in line NOT to get a Kosar bobblehead - when I found out people had been in line since early afternoon I didn't feel as bad - it never ceases to amaze me how long people will wait for free stuff. It was a beautiful evening for baseball and the game was a sell out. You gotta love what Ken Babby has done with this team/stadium.

Laura @ The Game Laura at The Game - getting excited about the Thirsty Dog beer that is about to arrive. RubberDucks in Sun The sun was a little blinding from our seats for the first few innings - I didn't mind because it made for nice light in photos - but it could get interesting when a foul ball headed in our direction. Canal Park & Mayflower Looking back at the Mayflower. Game Selfie "Selfie in Sun" 2x Glasses "Double Glasses" - my reflection in there. Birthday Shots We met up with Laura's friends, Lauryn and Kasey, at the Tiki Bar - they bought me a tequila bday shot.
Slide Waiting
After the shots they decided to try out the slide, "Are adults allowed on this?" Bounce House "About to Slide" Bon Jovi Fireworks The night ended with fireworks set to Bon Jovi songs - why? I have no idea - but no one was complaining.
Thanks Laura!

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