Friday, August 15, 2014

All Up All Close

Weed Study 3 A few years ago I picked up a Rokkor Macro lens at an estate sale - a 50mm f/3.5. I have never used a macro lens on any camera and decided to try it out. I gathered some weeds and wild flowers and placed them on a piece of tile. I put the lens on my Minolta X-700 and mounted it on an arm from the tripod so I could shoot straight down. I set up a single hot light coming in from the upper right with no modifier - I thought the hard light would work good for this. It turned out to be quite a challenge to get the items in focus - moving the tripod arm combo slightly was not very easy and trying use a split image focus screen on such shallow depth-of-field really strained the eyes. After a while I managed to start to get a better feel for it - I even practice by putting some paper with logos down so I could focus on the hardlines. The results turned out kind of interesting - I think I need to perfect this and do a whole "Weeds of Northeast Ohio" series.  

Weed Study 2 The film I used was Ultra - Arista is a brand of film sold by Their film is always repackaged film made by someone else. The internet forum consensus is that this is reboxed Fomapan 400 - I compared it to a roll of that I shot a few years ago and agree. It has the same blocky recognizable grain. Weed Study 4 "Angles" Weed Study 5 There is nice alien/abstract vibe to this one. Weed Study 6 Queen Anne's Lace Weed Study 1 "Group Shot"

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