Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Akron in Black and White

I often hear about how "fake" digital photography is - and while anything can be pushed to far - digital photography is the most "real" photography possible. I'm able to use Photoshop to make a scene look exactly as it appeared to my eye - the exact color, correcting lens defects, straightening out buildings etc. Thats why its so perfect for documenting things - time and place - the images in yesterday's post show exactly what it looked like to be standing on that parking garage at that moment. 
But there is also a truth in black and white - a different kind of truth. Maybe its something like Hunter S. Thompson's "fiction is truer than any fact" thing... Or maybe it's seeing something you've seen a million times in a new and different light - so you are actual seeing it - not idly passing by.  

Overpass "Overpass in Light" Directions "Direction" Federal Court house "Federal Courthouse" Concrete Grain "Concrete Grain" Towpath Bridge "The Towpath" Contrast "Lines"
Some Technical Stuff
This was kind of a weird roll of film for me - I loaded this roll a while ago into my Pentax K1000 and when I went to shoot it I thought it was Kodak TMax 400 - turns out it was Fomapan 100. So I accidentally underexposed the roll by two stops. The technical sheet said that this film can tolerate a couple stops of underexposure but I still decided to push it an extra minute in HC-110. This worked out well for the photos that didn't need a lot of shadow detail and actually got me the contrast I like in the above photos. I underexpose Tri-X like this all the time when I want that dramatic sky....

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