Monday, August 4, 2014

Redder than Red Pt. 2(Canal Daze)

Canal Exploration Center These are a few more photos from the roll of Rollei Redbird I shot about a month ago. I took these at the Canal Exploration Center - I went there to see a demonstration of a "working canal lock". I already understood the principal but still thought it might be cool to see one in action. Unfortunately there was barely any water in the canal so we had to "use our imaginations" - I do that enough in the Valley already - I wanted to see some cascading water. Anyways, after the demo I asked the(most likely volunteer) ranger a few questions before realizing I probably knew more canal history than her... but the new museum they have there is pretty good - lots of photos and artifacts I hadn't seen before...and there are worse things to do on a beautiful Saturday than walk along the Towpath.  

Opening the Gates "Actor" Gates II "Getting Some Help" Help The kids liked it.
Doubt I'll shoot this kind of film again - but it was interesting to try out.  Next up is a roll of infrared I have loaded in my Minolta!  Ranger on Bridge I was a little worried this guy might have a heart attack. Lock Keeper ....and now we wait.

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