Monday, August 18, 2014

In the Garden

Out of Control One of my periodic garden update posts...
Last year we grew all our veggies in pots - and they did just ok. So when we built a few raised beds not far from the porch we expected about the same. We were wrong - our plants took off and went crazy. We have a forest of tomato plants with zucchini and squash spilling out into the lawn. A pickling cuke plant climbed the trellis all the way to the top - and now is intertwined with other plants. A few pepper plants are buried in the mess somewhere... We've managed a good harvest but have learned so much - next year's garden will be expanded and planted quite differently...

Pumpkin Patch The Pumpkin Patch - there are a few growing. A few have rotted from the wet year though - and downy mildew had been hard to keep at bay on all of our squash plants. White Pumpkins When we planted the zucchini and yellow squash in the raised beds we were wondering why just one plant turned out to be a turned out to be a mislabeled a white pumpkin plant - so we have hanging pumpkins. Raspberries I can't believe how well this first year raspberry plant is doing.
Tomato Picking
Tomato Harvesting - just ate these and a few cukes for dinner. 'Mater Eyes 'Mater Eyes Herb Garden Herb Garden Romanian Pepper Romanian Pepper - we dug this out of the raised beds and potted it - the squash plant were going to take it over.

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