Sunday, August 3, 2014

Square Records 11th Anniversary

The Beyonders
I was at Musica for the second night in a row - this time for the Square Records 11th Anniversary show. Four local bands played - and all with completely different styles- which kept it interesting. Along with the bands these Square shows are alway great for the crowd they bring out - so many friendly faces in one place. So there were two great nights in a row of friends and music - and now I sleep.

Pharmaceutical Opening band, Pharmaceutical, I had never heard of them and was very impressed. Two guitars and a drum machine - heavy tones, melodic songs - all instrumental - all enjoyable. Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Stems Stems played next. I've always liked any musical project Justin Seeker has been involved in... Stems Stems Did I not realize Joel was in this band? Stems Canon 6D and the 'clarity' slider - sometimes a perfect combo. Stems Stems Stems
broke out the 85mm for a few shots Hatchet Job
Larry singing for the next band, Hatchet Job. Hatchet Job Hatchet Job Hatchet Job f/1.6
Hatchet Job Hatchet Job Its blurry - but I caught it. Hatchet Job Michael
Hatchet Job Hatchet Job The Beyonders
"Rumpled" - Dave Rich of The Beyonders The Beyonders Don't miss Anne's hair in the back there. The Beyonders "Smoke II"
The Beyonders
"Focus Point"
The Beyonders
More with the 85mm - Using primes over zooms may be a little inconvenient at times - put the payoff is worth it. ...and I'm used to it from my film SLRs. The Beyonders "Actions Shot"
The Beyonders
"Rockin to the Heavens"
The Beyonders
"Embarrassment of Rich's" Wow - that should totally be their next band's name. The Beyonders The Beyonders "Back of the Room" The Beyonders "Landing"
The Beyonders The Beyonders "The Last Note"


H. Harvey said...

Great stuff. Sorry we had to miss it. I should melodramatically claim I was on an IV drip and in traction after our Half Cleveland gig the night before, but I know Butler made it and said it was a great night, so...

Tim Fitzwater said...

Thanks! That was probably my first two nights of music in a row for the first time in 8 years!