Thursday, August 7, 2014

Birthday Boi!

Your Card Comes with a Smile "Your Card Comes with a Smile" - Ryen on my Dad's Birthday about a month ago. I shot this on Kentmere 400 which is Ilford's cheapest black and white film. I usually reserve this film for testing out old cameras but I was out of Tri-X. 
 I would never write about my own bday - but FB has made it so everyone knows anyways I got myself a photo gift this year - a kit to develop c41 color film. I've never tried this before so it should be interesting. The cost would be in line with going to a lab - so hopefully it works out well and saves me a few trips and waiting. I ordered 5 rolls of 120mm Ektar to try first - my favorite color film. More on this when it arrives.

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