Monday, August 25, 2014

Brewcation Part II

Mash Tun After a great hike on Day 2 of vacation we decided to work a way back east a bit - I had been to Maumee Bay State Park as a kid and we decided to GPS our way there. We arrived early afternoon and set-up camp. A little phone research and we decided to head into Toledo for dinner and drinks at the Maumee Bay Brew Pub. The drive from the park to the Brewery is an interesting one - passing farm fields along the lake which soon give way to a giant refinery and the Toledo Port, then you turn along the river through some interesting neighborhoods, under the Skyway Bridge, and finally across the river into downtown. The brewery is in the Historic Oliver House - a grand hotel when built in 1859.

Laura "Laura" Ready for a beer - and we had no problem selecting - our waiter was awesome. He knew all about the beer, all about the food and was friendly as can be. Exactly what you expect at a brew pub. Pizza Our waiter recommended, " anything with the bbq sauce" - but we already had our heart set on one of their wood-fired pizzas - no worries , we ordered the riblets as an appetizer. The riblets were awesome - and the pizza even better.
Imperial Russian Stout
This was the Russian Imperial Stout - it wasn't as bitter as I would expect for the style but still very good. Knowing we were from Akron(probably because I tell everyone that)he compared it to a Hoppin' Frog beer. All the beers were really good - we also had the marzen, IPA and double IPA. Growler Fill "Growler Fill" - IPa for the fire later. Maumee Bay Brew Pub "The Bar" We ate in the next room over which had large windows and views of the river. Buckeye Beer Maumee Bay Brewing Co. has resurrected Toledo's favorite Buckeye Beer - I didn't try it there but have had it in the past. The whole pub and building were decked out with tons of brewing memorabilia - which we love - because we love beer, we love history, and we love beer history. Laura and Growler "Laura and Growler in Light" Willow and Lake When we got back to the campsite Laura go the fire going will I went for a hike. Sunset Over Campground "Sunset Over Campground" Bit-O-Sun
I watched the last bit of sun disappear over a pond before heading back to the fire. Cheers Using the remote for a few "selfies". We had a great spot at the campground - it was on a circle so it was larger than most - we also had a few trees which we thought might help out if we got any rain. Campfire Cooked In the morning Laura cooked us up some great bacon and egg sandwiches and I cooked some veggies from the garden in all that greasy goodness. I shot a roll of black and white here too  - which I will developed and post later....
On the way home from the brewery we noticed some trouble with the breaks in the truck - which changed our plans for the day....but that is a story for next time....

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I hear homeless people there hate squash. .. and brake lines.