Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Browns Game

No, Thank You Haslam This year I bought Laura some Browns tickets as part of her birthday present - because, you know - the Browns are the gift that keep on giving. I think I can speak for most Browns fans when I say that Haslam can take his new scoreboard(financed by the city) and shove it you know where. When the Browns had winning teams in the late 80s fans would pack crappy old Municipal Stadium in freezing cold temperatures - a scoreboard(or adding more over-priced seating) is not the problem in Cleveland. I'm always going to be a Browns fan and I do love attending games in person - but I hate that some of the money from my $9.75 beer is going to line the pockets of that thief and tone-deaf idiot of an owner Jimmy Haslam.  

First Energy Stadium The Stadium and Cleveland before kick-off. Do I have to call it First Energy? Why don't they pay for the scoreboard? Intros Drum Line Player Introductions Intros Laura Laura Laura and I Laura and I Sad Walk Sad walk home.

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