Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Three Random Photos

Crash 1 Sometimes you just feel like posting a photo of one of your cats - this is Crash. The light was coming through the windows in a cool(or I guess warm -lolz ;)) way yesterday evening...
Plants 1
I also shot my overboard spider plant collection. Country Gentleman I received this super cool seed catalog in the mail yesterday - all the illustrations are awesome. I couldn't believe some of the varieties of sweet corn they were offering. Country Gentleman hasn't been grown by serious farmers for decades(late 40s I believe). I was asked by a customer at Szalay's once if we grew it. Me and the owner's son, Johnny Szalay, liked to image the scenario goin down again but like this:
Customer "Do you guys grow any Country Gentleman?"
Me: "Just one"
Johnny stepping forward and touching the brim of his hat, bowing head: "Ma'am"

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Tim Fitzwater said...

I could take the pages out of this catalog and frame them - they are that cool.