Monday, December 9, 2013

Frank Comunale at The Highland

Frank, Santa and Sheriff Barry On Saturday morning I shot a charity event hosted by Summit County Councilman Frank Comunale. There was a free move, bicycle raffles, clowns, photos with Santa, a food drive and more. It was a very nice event. I originally met Frank Comunale when I was a car wash manager - I commented on a pin he was wearing and he noticed my name tag - turns out he knew my Dad. I later ended up working for his family's company. He is the most friendly, generous, and charitable person I have ever met. I shot most of the photos by bouncing my flash off the ceiling even though they weren't all white. I still prefer to deal with color casts in Photoshop than to have the flat, boring look of direct flash. I also used a gradient filter to reduce the highlights on the top of everyones heads that occur with bounce flash. All in all for a tough lighting environment I was happy with my results.

Frank and Kids Frank and Kids - I thought the mirror angle was pretty cool. Frank Comunale and Friend I used the ACR's new ellipse tool in a few spots to darken the people in the background. I thought the man between Frank ans his friend was very distracting from an otherwise strong image - so I darkened him considerably. Clowning
Clown and Kids
Bike Raffle
Bike Raffle - I believe they raffled off over thirty bikes that were donated by Walgreens and a few local unions.

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