Tuesday, December 3, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Instagram

Shiny Brite When shooting digital, color photography I usually try to make the images and crisp and colorful as possible while still keeping them realistic. Sometimes, however, I find that I like going for a more 'vintage' look - which to me usually entails slightly desaturating the image and adding a vignette(evidenced by these Christmas Tree images). It got me to thinking about the 'Instagram look' of faux light leaks, faded colors, vignettes and lens flares. I've always been a fan of everything vintage but I was wondering how much of the trend goes beyond that - more so in the direction of a reaction against digital perfection. I'd be willing to bet many of the photographers who are keeping film alive aren't mostly old timers who never gave it up - but younger ones who never shot it when it was the only option - wanting a different and maybe a more unpredictable result. As I was spending my work day pondering this a couple things came to me that I found ironic: 
1. Camera phones are continually improving in quality by leaps and bounds but only to have people slap filters on the resulting better images that "dumb them down". 
2. Some day this retro/vintage/old school look is going to go out of style and look dated - retro looking dated - an interesting concept I think.  

Laura Laura isn't in pain - she is singing her heart out to some Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers Christmas songs - our tree set-up musical tradition. Laura and I Our other tradition while setting up the tree - Corsendonk Christmas Ale. Browns' Stockings Cleveland Browns stockings - a major estate sale score. Hanging the Red Balls 'Hanging the Red Balls' Crash Crash helping out. Corsendonk Free glass this year!

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Tim Fitzwater said...

By the way - I have nothing against Instagram - I was just making a point - or thinking out loud I guess. I would probably have an account if I had a smart phone - or if they make and app for Windows RT.