Friday, December 13, 2013

Cold Sunrise

Me Oh the things I do for you, my loyal readers. Yesterday was my last day before I pick up some morning part-time work, my last day to sleep in, but also my last day to shoot the rising Sun. My rosy cheeks in the above photo prove that the sunrise won out....and it was a cold one! I was running and jumping around the Langes Trail to keep myself warm. When I would come upon the image I wanted to make I instantly switched into photo-zone-mode - that is until I would realize my fingers were about to fall off. After about a half an hour of hiking and shooting I started to warm up and be able to hold the camera steady. No, I wasn't going to mess with a tripod on a morning like this - I am dedicated, just not that dedicated.

Barns and Snow The barns I've shot so often this past year - first time with snow though. Gates Snow Gates Fence and Sun Staring at the Sun Tree to the Valley Lone tree overlooking the Valley. Cold Sunrise #2 Snow Ripples Winter Woods Sunrise Winter Woods Sunrise Langes Glove Langes Glove
Enjoy these shots from the warm comfort of your desk!

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