Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tangier Snaps

Fun My friend Kyle and his girl, Getta, invited Laura, Terra, Greg and I to Tangier to see the band The Scintas do their annual Christmas Show. I didn't know what to expect but they were really entertaining, albeit a little Jesusy at the end for my tastes. The candid photos I shot were pretty much the exact opposite of the candids I took for my last post. This time I had my Nikon L35 AF loaded with long expired Kodak T-Max 400 - kinda like Instagram shots but minus the "insta" part. I acquired a few rolls of the T-Max in a camera bag I bought at the flea market last Spring. The T-Max being around 15 years expired seems to have added to the graininess of the film - new T-Max should definitely be less grainy than Tri-X but it isn't here. No biggie for these shots but good to know when I'm considering what to do with the rest of the stuff. There was a bit of fogging of the negatives too - not sure if this is related to the age of my film or my fixer - I have some hypo-check though... I'm always amazed by how well the 30 year old Nikon exposes with its pop-up flash - far better than the Android smartphone Laura carries.

Laura and I Selfie Selfie Greg and Random Greg and Random Girl The Scintas I tried a non-flash shot of the band - the shutter was too slow though. Woot! Celebratory Mood! Kyle and Getta Kyle and Getta Kyle and Greg Kyle and Greg - one of the few out-of-focus shots the Nikon L35 AF has ever taken. Terra and Greg Greg and Terra.


Kyle said...

Good times. It is amazing how well that camera performed with simple point and shoot. The simple film black and whites are better than any photoshop effect I have the skill to apply.

Tim Fitzwater said...

Its best point and shoot from any era I have ever owned. I had one that broke and when I came across another one I had to buy it again.