Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

It's finally that time - the time for my yearly review - two of my favorite photos from each month of 2013. They were a little harder to select than in previous years - between traveling more(NYC, Rome, Finger Lakes etc) and simply having more time after quitting my job at the farm - not to mention that I like to believe I've become a better photographer. My biggest photographic accomplishment of the year was vastly improving my landscapes - the last few years working on the farm I really started to notice great light - now I finally had the time to act on it with my camera. I also think that my black and white film photography improved much - I shot lots of rolls - but those aren't represented here as the year in review is all digital(no real reason for this - accept I've always done it this way). Anyways - click HERE to view this year's review.
 Enjoy. Steam Study #1 Possibly my favorite film shot of the year.

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